Prints - Prints are currently $40 for 8x10" or $60 for 11x14" plus tax and shipping.

Paintings - I don't currently have paintings available, but when I do, they generally start at $300+.

Murals - Murals are dependent on a lot of factors:

Small scale murals: ~ $2000+, inclusive of supplies, exclusive of HST

  • If you are local to KW
  • Small mural (8x8 ft)
  • Indoor, easy access 
  • Fewer details and colours, or if it's an existing piece

Larger scale murals: ~ $3000+, inclusive of supplies, exclusive of HST

  • Within Southern Ontario (willing to travel beyond this)
  • Larger mural
  • Outdoor
  • More detail, more colours, a full commission 

For a full quote, please send me an email at alanah@morningstardesigns.ca outlining the above details.


When will this print be available? 

I have online print sales 3-4 times per year. If prints are currently sold out, there is no option to purchase any unless you are doing a bulk order (20 or more). Keep an eye on my website and instagram bio - I usually post upcoming print sale dates there!

I'd like to order a larger size print than what you have available. Is this possible?

I only sell 8x10 or 11x14 prints with no larger options because I buy packaging supplies in bulk, and it's difficult to get supplies for each possible print size. However, if you are looking for a bulk order (i.e. for your employees, classroom, etc. of 20 or more prints), please send me an email and I can try to accommodate!

I see that your partner Luke Swinson is also having a print sale: is it possible to combine orders to save on shipping?

Unfortunately, no. Shipping depends on weight and location. Adding extra prints to a package with already calculated shipping could result in the package being sent back because it goes beyond the weight limits. It is also difficult to keep up with which packages are being combined, and unfortunately it makes it much easier on us to send out packages individually.


Are you currently taking commissions?

I am currently open for collaborations with organizations, brands, companies, etc. but this is dependent on the specific project you are interested in and if it aligns. Please send me an email :)

At the moment, my books are closed to personal commissions (i.e. small-scale illustrations, logos, canvas paintings for gifts, etc.). Hopefully in the near future I will host a painting sale with available work. However, it's always worth asking!

Are you available to paint a mural?

Yes - please send me an email at alanah@morningstardesigns.ca. 

I'd like to get one of your illustrations tattooed. Is this possible?

Not at the moment. Eventually, I want to have a "tattoo ticket" system on my website where you can purchase the rights to specific work for tattoo purposes and give it to your tattoo artist. Until then, none of my work is available to be tattooed without permission.