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Tattoo Ticket - Diving Fish

Tattoo Ticket - Diving Fish


A tattoo ticket is essentially permission to get a specific piece of mine tattooed on your body. I have very strict guidelines for what can be tattooed. You must read and agree to all information below to have my work tattooed. Purchasing a tattoo ticket means you are willing to follow these guidelines. Thank you <3 

- only works that say "Tattoo Ticket" are available to be tattooed. Other illustrations outside of this collection are not allowed. Tattooing my work without permission is copyright infringement. My art is sacred and each piece has a special purpose, much of it cultural, and so I have been very intentional with what I feel comfortable selling for tattoos. Please respect this.

- if you'd like multiple tattoos (i.e. a flower and a bird that are currently not sold together) you must purchase them separately. If you'd like multiple of the same flower, you must purchase them separately. You may not purchase multiple pieces to replicate a full illustration of my work.

- once you have purchased a ticket, I will send over a document that grants you permission to have my work tattooed, that you can show to your tattoo artist. 

- in general, tattoo designs cannot be tampered with: they must be tattooed exactly as shown. Exceptions to this are: outlines around shapes may be added, colours may be changed and composition may be slightly different but only to fit parts of the body.

I am very protective of my work and want to draw a hard line between art for tattoos and cultural appropriation. I appreciate your understanding and I'm so excited to see my work as tattoos <3 if you have any questions at all and would like to double check if a change in design is possible, please send me an email. 

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