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Morningstar Designs

"Use Your Good Mind" Unisex T-Shirts

"Use Your Good Mind" Unisex T-Shirts

Morningstar's Inspiration: 

Having a good mind is important in everything we do. Working with medicines, art, ceremony and community requires us to put our best selves forward. We are told that when working with medicines, the energy we are putting in may affect the medicine, and may change the impact it has for ourselves and those around us - good or bad. The same applies for the things I do in my life, including creating art, bringing community together and spending time on the land.

I always try my best to bring my good mind into my work, but it can be really hard sometimes. Leaning on the philosophy of a Good Mind has helped ground me and helped me focus on what I’m putting out into the world.

I created these shirts in hopes that this will encourage others to use their Good Mind - to do your best to move forward with love, kindness and compassion ❤️


Sizes: S-XXXL

"Use Your Good Mind" T-shirts were printed by Rezonance Printing, and Indigenous-owned printing company out of London, Ontario:

Comfort Colours are unisex, heavy weight t-shirts with a relaxed fit. These shirts are pre-shrunk, soft-washed and use 50% less water than traditional pigment dye processes. Comfort Colours supports education, the environment, humanitarian aid and active living in the communities they do business in.

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